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Clip-On Solution PBS14-ZL

Now the legendary Night Vision Monoculars PVS-14C and PBS14 are getting even more versatile. By coupling it with the Black Optex Zero Lens™ you have a very precise and effective Clip-On Night Vision Sight PBS14-ZL. This kit gathered the most up to date technological advancements, currently developed. Equipped with high quality optics and select grade Image Intensifier Tubes, the PBS14-ZL is the Real Performer.

PBS14-ZL is available with Gen 2+, Gen 3 and XR5 image intensifier tubes. Contact us for more details on tubes availability and specifications.


*Zero Lens Kit can be ordered separately in case if you already own a compatible night vision unit.

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Zero Lens Kit and/or Selected Night Vision Monocular

Hard Case (comes with high-end Gen 3 and XR5 units)

Soft Carrying Pouch

User Manual and Warranty Card

PBS14-ZL Brief Specifications

Optical Magnification


Field of View

14 Degrees (with 3X Lens)

Windage/Elevation Adjustments

0.5 MOA per click

Optical Axis Height

39mm above rail

Power Source

1pc CR123

Battery Life


Environmental Protection

IP66 or Better (Optional)

Operating Temperatures

-40C .. +50C

Dimensions with 1X Lens


Dimensions with 3X Lens


Weight with 1X Lens


Weight with 3X Lens


To purchase this product please contact your nearest GSCI Dealer or fill out the form below.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone: +1-905-850-0990


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